Seasons: Vinyl LP
Seasons: Vinyl LP
Seasons: Vinyl LP
Seasons: Vinyl LP
Pete Jolly

Seasons: Vinyl LP

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Label: Future Days
Release Date: 29th March

Holy Grail klaxon for this space yacht jazz fusion delight, at once it is full of warm spacey keys and the others it's in a full of tight funk. 

- Via Light In The Attic . First ever vinyl reissue of this rare masterpiece.

- Sampled by Cypress Hill, Jay Dee, & Busta Rhymes.

- Remastered from the original analog tapes by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio.

- Includes new liner notes by Dave Segal interviewing Herb Albert and Chuck Berghofer.

- Pressed at RTI on Clear Amber Wax & Clear Light Green Wax. (Both Non- Returnable.)

- Originally released on A&M in 1970.

- Featuring session heavyweights Chuck Berghofer (bass), John Pisano (guitar), Milt Holland (percussion), Paul Humphrey (drums), Emil Richards (percussion) and Herb Albert (producer).

Organic, electric, freeform. Pete Jolly's Seasons is comprised of melodies and textures composed live and without pretense—its grooves contain a complete and divine listening experience that surpasses all others of the era in which it was originally released, coming as close to transcendent musical meditation incarnate as one could possibly imagine. Seasons is an unsung masterpiece of ensemble groove and stellar musicianship, equally unsurpassed and inspired in its quiet excellence.

While Seasons never had significant commercial success upon its release, it has since amassed a cult following, leading collectors to pay top dollar for copies of the rare record. Out of print since 1971, it has only been reissued once on CD.

In his liner notes accompanying this release, Dave Segal puts the album’s massive demand in perspective: “British label owner Jonny Trunk put up an original pressing of the LP for sale for an undisclosed but large sum on Instagram in January 2023, and it sold in five minutes. With Seasons back in circulation, maybe Pete Jolly will finally gain the broader audience that his phenomenal skills merit,” writes Segal. “If nothing else, it serves as a valuable lesson to artists: venturing outside of your comfort zone can bring the most interesting, enduring results.”

Remastered from the original analog master tapes by Kevin Gray at Coherent Mastering, this record not only foreshadows the roots of hip-hop but manages to embody the richness of a full album listening experience that few records can offer. Its timeless appeal is rare—and its dynamic range sets it apart as an album that straddles both the jazz and pop worlds in a way that almost no others can.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy the changing and complex colors of Seasons for the first time ever since its initial release.

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