Sensoria 認識: Vinyl LP

Sensoria 認識: Vinyl LP

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Label: Guruguru Brain
Release Date: 16th December

A space rock rollercoaster this one, a fuzzy and motorik cloud of psych rock jams. This does that outer-body thing that big krautrock and psychedelic rock jams with a heavy pounding thunder can do, in that you end up in the song's world and feel fully enveloped by it. 

For those who dig: Kikagaku Moyo, Oh Sees, Slift, Hills, Minami Deutsch, Acid Rooster, Föllakzoid...

Where is space? Is it in our brain? Or is it outside the planet Earth?

Dhidalah poetically answers the question with their newest album Sensoria. (Soma, Black Shrine) Two songs are made from their weekly jam session in Tokyo. The band leader, Gotoh usually records the session and shares it with (Masahito aka Bin and Ikuma) the other two members.

After listening to the jam recording, they each get inspired by the flow of sounds and find a connection to the outside world. In the following week and with their own understanding, they try to recreate the (essence of the) jam. (Invader Summer, Dead) Track 2 and 3 are written by Ikuma, who is known to be a natural space head guitar monster with his own interpretation of space.

The last 20-minute long Black Shrine was inspired by the Japanese folklore Yokai, the spiritual and sometimes shapeshifting creatures living in the dark mountains of Japan. Space is free space, Sensoria is a thoughtful, supernatural example of a Japanese trio space. How is your space like? Deep in the middle of the night, or in bright daylight, in the smallest of rooms, to the vastness of the forest, listening to Sensoria will open you up to a new sense/kind of space.

A1 Soma 9:07
A2 Invader Summer 6:00
A3 DEAD 2:56
B1 Black Shrine 20:01

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