Sit Down for Dinner: Yoghurt White Vinyl LP
Blonde Redhead

Sit Down for Dinner: Yoghurt White Vinyl LP

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Label: Section 1
Release Date: 29th September

First new Blonde Redhead record in a minute, never ones to sit on laurels and play it easy but provide a deeply textured collection of art pop that really does burrow deep with each obsessed listen.

Blonde Redhead return with ‘Sit Down for Dinner’, their first album in nine years and debut for section1. Its title a nod to the often-sacred communal ritual of sharing a meal with those you love, this immersive, meticulously crafted album appropriately serves an expression of persistent togetherness - a testament to the unique internal logic Blonde Redhead have refined over their three-decade existence.

Formed in the 1993 New York indie underground, Blonde Redhead quickly found a place on Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelley’s label, Smells Like, before releasing beloved records on Touch & Go and 4AD that traced an arc from angular indie- rock to cosmopolitan art pop. The trio might have been a quintessential 1990s band, if not for the fact that they continuously kept going, growing, never confined to any era but the present.

‘Sit Down for Dinner’ lands as perhaps the strongest record in a 30-year catalogue that’s already as illustrious as it is varied. Understated yet visceral melodies charge each song, creating a foil to lyrics about the inescapable struggles of adulthood: communication breakdown in enduring relationships, wondering which way to turn, holding onto your dreams.

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