Snaxxx: Vinyl LP

Snaxxx: Vinyl LP

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Label: Stones Throw
Release Date: 6th October

Hey look it's MNDSGN and he's bought some more of those oozy woozy, psychedelic hip hop nuggets we like so much... he's bought SNAXXX, the third installment in his Snax series. 

Mndsgn has been releasing his ‘Snax’ series between albums for a few years now – there was Snax in 2018, Snaxx in 2019, and now the new record Snaxxx, out October 6. The collection of fun-sized treats best enjoyed with loved ones kicks off with “Finallyalone”.

Looser in form than an album but more substantial than a beat tape, Snaxxx has all the playful rhythms and earworming melodies Mndsgn has become known for since he debuted in 2014 with Yawn Zen. While Mndsgn’s albums have a contemplative feel, Snaxxx‘s shifting moods mirroring how “we graze, oscillating from salty to sweet.”

The artwork, which Mndsgn created himself, evokes the nostalgic feeling of snack packaging at Asian supermarkets. Unlike his recent album Rare Pleasure, which was recorded and performed with a full band, Snaxxx is a solo production record featuring a few collaborators – Mndsgn’s close friends Anna Wise, Liv.e, and Devin Morrison.

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