Space Oddities: 1974-1991
Yan Tregger

Space Oddities: 1974-1991

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Label: Born Bad Records
Release Date: 31st March

What a box of retro-electronic space disco library funk curios this is. Like you've just stepped into the most esoteric cosmic synth disco on a French exchange and you're having your mind blown by primitive keys squelching, pulsing and ready for take off.

For those who dig: The Tele Music Library series, Sauveur Mallia, Marxist Love Disco Ensemble, Nino Nardini, Sammy Burdson, Klaus Weiss...

Symphonic music, library music, movie and TV soundtracks,
advertisements, French variété, pop, disco, electronic, experimental or
relaxation music, Yan Tregger (born Edouard Scotto di Suoccio) took up
all genres, styles and formats through a career spanning from the end of
the '50s to this day.

1. Creative blow
2. Gold Calf Dance
3. Zodiac
4. Pavillon des rêves
5. Shmastar
6. Passage of the Red Sea
7. Deo Volente
8. Sun Adoration
9. Bubble Bubble
10. Across the Jourdan
11. Bloodnight
12. Slow Zoom
13. Chandigargh
14. The Crash

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