Speedstar: Vinyl LP
Justus Profit

Speedstar: Vinyl LP

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Label: Bar/None
Release Date: 15th October

Most of the time all you want is just a good song, we're pretty simple really and this record is a bundle of 'em. Really satisfying guitar pop, hooky as sin, remind you of some of your favourite American indie bands like The Lemonheads or some bandcamp tape releases which you still return to because they give you a feel for a time. 

For those who dig: bedroom pop, lofi indie pop, Alex G, Jay Som, Happy Diving, Shelf Life...

Justus Proffit grew up on a diet of indie music. His house was filled with gear and his parents made sure he knew the importance of TSOL and the Pixies alike. He joined his first band at 13 and started touring the country at 16. He has run an all ages venue, has his own clothing line, released a string of EPs and collaborated with great artists like Jay Som and Winter. Recorded in Phil Elverum’s (The Microphones) iconic Anacortes studio, Justus Proffit’s sophomore album, SpeedStar, is his most intimate work to date, stripping back the veneer of noise to reveal the meticulous songwriting that’s made him a magnetic force. 

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