Strut Of Kings: Vinyl LP
Guided By Voices

Strut Of Kings: Vinyl LP

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Release Date: 28th June

Album 41, surprised we're still keeping count, GBV have such a large discography it's intimidating wondering where to jump in. Luckily, all their records are masterclasses in perfect pop and alt-rock, diy indie so you may as well jump in where Bobby Pollard currently is and right now that's 'Strut of Kings'.

Building on forty years years of GBV history, the majestic and triumphant Strut Of Kings is the forty-first album by indie rock royalty Guided By Voices. Largely recorded in Kings County, New York (Brooklyn), the album is perhaps a gesture towards the malevolent “kings” on the world stage. As the “Serene King” waltzes across the battlefield, Emperor Pollard evokes castles, King Kong and strutting roosters, a surreal yet regal journey.

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