Super Discount: Double Vinyl LP
Étienne de Crécy

Super Discount: Double Vinyl LP

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Label: Pixadelic
Release Date: 9th July

A defining record in the French dance music scene, with it's characteristically Franco take on club music, with it's eclectic mix of samples from jazz to disco to latin to collected samples from TV, film, radio to it's embrace of exotica and the kitsch but never tacky. 
'Super Discount' does what Air, Daft Punk, Justice and Ed Banger did in that it made you feel like you were going on a night out in the future or a retrofied sci-fi vision of the future. 

For those who dig: French disco house and dance music of the mid-90s to late-00s.

Released in 1996, ‘Super Discount' is the debut album by Étienne de Crécy,
one of the most influential figures on the electronic music scene and
one of its most inspired producers.

Over time, this record has become one of the pioneering records of the French
Touch and a founding classic of electronic music, both in France and abroad.
It was a critical and commercial success from the start and is an icon of its time.

1. Le Patron est devenu Fou feat. Minos
2. Soldissimo feat AIR (EDC Remix)
3. Prix Choc
4. Affaires à Faire feat. La Chatte Rouge
5. Fermeture Définitive feat. Mr. Lean
6. Les 10 Jours Fous feat. Mooloodjee
7. Tout Doit Disparaître feat. Minos
8. Super Disco feat. Alex Gopher
9. Tout à 10 Balles feat. DJ Tall
10. Liquidation Totale
11. Destockage Massif feat. Alex Gopher

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