The Boy Who Ran The Paisley Hotel: Winter Sky Blue Vinyl LP
Chime School

The Boy Who Ran The Paisley Hotel: Winter Sky Blue Vinyl LP

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Label: Slumberland Records
Release Date: 23rd August

This record sounds exactly what you'd expect an album titled 'The Boy Who Ran The Paisley Hotel' released on Slumberland records would sound like. Purest of the pure indie jangle with the sweetest melodies and melancholy. 

Guided by San Francisco musician Andy Pastalaniec, Chime School pays homage to the formative jangle of The Byrds by way of early Primal Scream and The Springfields; the production and pop sensibility of Biff Bang Pow! and The Razorcuts; and the spirit of great singles labels like Creation, Postcard and Sarah - Although it would have fit with any of those labels, Chime School found a natural home with Bay Area indie stalwart Slumberland Records, releasing a self-titled debut in 2021, and a follow-up 7" single in 2023, to broad acclaim

The anticipated follow-up LP "The Boy Who Ran The Paisley Hotel" is as stellar as we could have hoped for -- deeper, richer and evolved in every way. While still joyfully packed with janglepop gems, "Paisley Hotel" takes a turn toward the winsome melancholy of groups like East Village, The Go-Betweens, and The Loft, and represents a leap forward in production, composition and arrangement. "The first record was a bit manic. I was trying to stuff so many years of influences into thirty brisk minutes. With 'Paisley Hotel' I chose a more condensed palette, and I feel I'm getting closer to the sonic vision I had from the beginning."

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