The Happiest Times I Ever Ignored: Radioactive Green Vinyl LP
Hayden Pedigo

The Happiest Times I Ever Ignored: Radioactive Green Vinyl LP

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Label: Mexican Summer
Release Date: 30th June

I feel like Hayden Pedigo is playing my soul the way he picks a guitar, it's not a hard thing to make my mind wonder but this is the kind of music that makes me feel wistful, nostalgic for a time and place I don't know, gets me daydreaming in a way that is meditative and focused, there's a foreground and a background a depth, drama and playfulness. 

For those who dig: William Tyler, North Americans, SUSS, Jeffrey Silverstein, Chuck Johnson, Steve Gunn and the feeling of chucking hay bails into a pick-up truck in the golden hour, jumping on the back of the trailer, twisting the top off the bottle, wiping the sweat from your forehead and taking a cool refreshing swig whilst looking across the land.

Hayden Pedigo returns with The Happiest Times I Ever Ignored, the West Texas, multi-hyphenate artist's follow up to his acclaimed 2021 album Letting Go. Produced by Trayer Tryon (Hundred Waters), The Happiest Times finds Hayden crashing the New Age guitar of Windham Hill and John Renbourn into the art provocations of Harmony Korine.


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