The Original Sin Vinyl LP
Eero Koivistoinen

The Original Sin Vinyl LP

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Label: Svart Records
Release Date: 23rd April

Deep, heavy and hard fusion jazz that's also really pretty massive in that they go from big band horns but then revert to tight rock band having a mad jam. This is a spenny discogs record and definitely one for the heads, it's mad though.

For those who dig: Mahavishnu Orchestra, improv psych jazz prog stuff, expensive discogs records that are now affordable.

Starting with “Valtakunta” (1968) and continuing with “Odysseus” (1969), “For Children” (1970), “The Original Sin” (1971), “Muusa Ja Ruusa” (1971), “Wahoo!” (1972), “3rd Version” (1973), “The Front Is Breaking” (1976), “Labyrinth” (1977) and finally “Live At The Belmont Jazz Club” (1977) Koivistoinen produced a body of work of amazing depth, beauty, sophistication and intellectual significance, which remains as a wonderful illustration of the Finnish and European Jazz heritage during that decade. However, by the end of the 1970s, the immense popularity, which European Jazz managed to kindle, was gradually losing its steam. Record labels, owned by international mogul corporations, lost interest in any kind of adventurous music, Jazz included, and the number of Jazz releases went down considerably, a situation which affected Finland as well. Undeterred by this turn of events Koivistoinen decided to take matters into his own hands and established in 1983 one of the first musician-owned independent record labels, PRO Records, which enabled him to realize his musical projects. This album is a deeply significant milestone in Koivistoinen’s musical development, since it presents for the first time the true depth of his compositions as well as his overall musical approach. It is also his first work with a large-scale ensemble, which enables him to utilize his arranging skills to a full extent. The six compositions present here were recorded by three different lineups; a tentet (“Sinner”, “Both & And” and “Rock & Roll”), a septet (“The Original Sin”) and a sextet (the remaining two). The tentet comprised of: Eero Koivistoinen – tenor, alto & soprano saxophones, Tapani Luuppola – trumpet, Jussi Aalto or Erkki Lipponen – trombone, Pekka Pöyry – tenor & alto saxophone, Pentti Lahti – baritone saxophone, Eero Ojanen – piano, Lance Gunderson – guitar, Pekka Sarmanto – bass and Reino Laine & Esko Rosnell – drums. The sextet comprised of: Koivistoinen, Ojanen, Gunderson, Sarmanto, Laine and Rosnell and the septet added Unto Haapa-aho on bass clarinet. Both the music and the performances are absolutely breathtaking, although the album focuses on ensemble playing rather than on extensive soloing, but of course there are still plenty of most impressive solos. An atmosphere of serenity, contemplation and wide-open spaces, typical in Finnish music, prevails even in the up-tempo passages, which turns listening to this album into a most satisfying love affair with music. The fact that it is now almost 50 years old is completely meaningless in this context, where true classics only get better with time.

1. The Original Sin
2. Rock & Roll
3. Bye Bye / Hello
4. Both & And
5. Summersea
6. Sinner

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