The Time of the Foxgloves: Vinyl LP
Michael Hurley

The Time of the Foxgloves: Vinyl LP

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Label: No Quarter
Release Date: 10th December

Fewer musical personalities as warmly welcoming and as friendly, funny or engaging as Michael Hurley. When you listen to his music, you feel like you're a down and out hitch-hiker who's been picked up, taken back to his farmhouse, given a warm bath and handed a big steaming bowl of warm hearty food with fresh bread served with a rich red wine that sticks to your heart and fills it with a homely comfort. Then Michael Hurley picks some guitar and spins some yarns and afterwards you just wish he'd adopt you. A LEGEND.

For those who dig: Michael Chapman, John Fahey, Jackson C. Frank, Lee Hazlewood's later years, Fred Neil...

Michael Hurley's first new studio record in 12 years features eleven songs recorded in Astoria, Oregon during the brief time of year when the foxgloves bloom. Hurley had been workshopping the set at home for the past few years. Friends and collaborators came into town and contributed from afar. The songs are lifted by violin, organ, upright bass, banjo, percussion - but at the center, of course, is the enigmatic Snock, whose songs have grown only more unique and more 57 years after his debut album (First Songs - Folkways, 1964).

It could only be Snock. Heartbreaking, heartfelt, easy and carefree. The glorious opener “Are You Here For The Festival” – punctuated by a pair of violins – came to him while working in the garden. “Little Blue River” floats by on a cloud. The haunting “Jacob’s Ladder” sounds beamed in from another era. Or dimension. Foxgloves is as comforting and wonderful as any Hurley record that has come before it.

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