The Woman On The Moon: Vinyl LP
Katie Bejsiuk

The Woman On The Moon: Vinyl LP

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Label: Double Double Whammy
Release Date: 8th July

We need to take back the word 'nice', it's a wonderful feeling to be in a 'nice place' or a 'nice space', nice isn't boring, it's got a familiarity without the banality of being 'samey', there's a welcoming comfort, a feeling you can't describe, it's warm, it taps something in your soul that slowly builds and makes you feel safe. Well, what I'm saying is - this album is 'nice'. Pedal lapsteel that cradles your heart and the softness of Katie's voice that would be a lullaby if you weren't so glued to how vivid and full of life her observations and tales are. 

For those who dig: skirts, Free Cake For Every Creature, Sadurn, Emily Yacina, Phoebe Bridgers...

Katie Bennett, singer-songwriter behind the bygone indie pop band Free Cake for Every Creature, spent the last three years exploring what it means to be her
She looked into the mirror and then she stepped into it; extended her arms forward, reached for the hands that reached back, and came together whole as Katie Bejsiuk. The name Bejsiuk is the singer-songwriter's original surname: her father, a first generation American with parents from Ukraine, changed it before she was born. By reclaiming the name for her solo project, the first new music we've heard from Katie since Free Cake disbanded in 2019, she has conjoined with a shadow version of herself who holds hands with her past, present, and future. And with the release of her debut album, The Woman on the Moon, out June 24 on Double Double Whammy, listeners are offered the most wholly version of Katie yet. The Woman on the Moon gently nods to the pre-band days of Free Cake - when it was just Katie and her guitar - but with a musical evolution cultivated from years of self-inquiry during which her confidence, direction, and self-possession bloomed. Whereas Free Cake buoyantly focused on the ecstatic wonders and wounds of youth in real time, Katie Bejsiuk pans out with wisdom and retrospection that comes with age. The Woman on the Moon is composed of 12 exquisite and refined songs that evoke the sensory through introspective lyrics and salve the heart with Katie's tranquilizing, cadenced vocals that devoted fans have clung to for over a decade.

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