Together: Sad Boy Blue Vinyl LP

Together: Sad Boy Blue Vinyl LP

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Label: Numero
Release Date: 23rd September

Duster's sound moves like stop-machine animating nature, like how the dark clouds don't look like they're moving until they've moved and sunlight is in and you think 'oh that's lovely'. Their sound is a slow reverbed bloom, it's got that nice fuggy feeling of stoner rock but with the hazy comforting edge of dream pop.

For those who dig: shoegaze, slowcore, stoner rock, dream pop, Slowdive, mbv, Slint, Earth...

Gather your loved ones, Together is here. Duster’s fourth album is a 13-song exploration of comfortable, interplanetary goth. A sonic Vaseline of submerged guitars, solder-burned synths, and over-driven rhythm tracks. “I know people say, ‘Oh Duster music so sad, we’ve even said it ourselves before,” Clay Parton said. “But it’s a lot more like absurdism than nihilism.”

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