Torrey: Oat Milk Vinyl LP
Torrey: Oat Milk Vinyl LP
Torrey: Oat Milk Vinyl LP

Torrey: Oat Milk Vinyl LP

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Label: Slumberland Records
Release Date: 8th March

Torrey's self-titled is sure to give you that nice giddy rush of feels the kind only a perfect mixture of indie pop and shoegaze can. It's on Slumberland who only deal in primo indie sounds.

Bay area textural pop group Torrey delve deep into a translucent dreamworld on their self-titled sophomore album - Bending classic shoegaze, rainy day indie rock sounds, and 90s alt rock flair into more intricate forms, the band uses these guitar-forward songs to shapeshift between gentle drifting and noisy breakthroughs

The overall effect is blissful, but never losing sight of the sturdy tunes underneath the fuzz. Some touchstones might include Lush, Drop Nineteens, Cocteau Twins and The Breeders, but Torrey have a deft grasp of their craft and a forward- thinking studio approach that places them very much in the NOW. Singles like No Matter How, Bounce and Moving are pure 2024 and place Torrey firmly alongside like-minded groups like Seablite, Winter and Alvvays who are enlivening a similar set of inspirations.

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