Vacation From My Mind: Vinyl LP
Various Artists

Vacation From My Mind: Vinyl LP

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Label: Forage Records
Release Date: 24th June

Forager Records again proving themselves to be the best new comp and reissue label around, this time with a collection of obscure mellow-jazz funk and soft rock perfect for turning up, tuning out and looking out the window of your plush 70s sea view looking pad.

For those who dig: All Forage comps before it (and they're all essential), soft rock, mellow jazz psych funk, an air of sophistopop before it was an 80s thing.


The Third installment of Forager Records’ critically acclaimed compilation series.

Featuring a selection of songs sourced from rare records of the 70s & 80s reissued for the first time. Non-Returnable.

12 restored and remastered tracks from 12 obscure artists.
Premium case wrapped style sleeves for a period correct look & feel.
Includes a free digital download of the full album plus 3 additional bonus tracks.
Original artwork by Eric Thompson.

A gift to the overthinkers and overworked. Those who are over-concerned and always preoccupied. This is an invitation to hang up the bootstraps, take a load off, and visit a place in the mind where the sun is shining, the breeze is soft and the waves lap softly at your feet. Vacation From My Mind is a sonic realignment of melancholic soul, breezy soft rock, & mellow jazz-funk.

This album is a thoughtfully curated collection of 12 rare and obscure tracks from 1973 to 1981. From Jeanette Baker’s hypnotic 70’s soul title track “Vacation From My Mind” to the Latin rhythms of David Buckland’s jazz-funk “Celia”, this compilation was lovingly crafted to ease the stresses and worries of modern life. The Care Package’s song “The Storm” is a larger-than-life production of dreamy harmonies not often found on privately released 45s. Utopia’s “Lejos De Mi” is a slow-burning slice of Bolivian psych that will have you searching for similar sounds. Whatever your preference, we hope that this album will give you a vacation from your mind.

Adventure / Unlimited - Rainy Day Blues
Jeanette Baker - Vacation From My Mind
Naz Jazz - Each Moment We Survive
David Buckland - Celia
Mary Haynes - We Can Love
Manzanno - Why Must It End This Way
The Care Package - The Storm
Sunshine Earth Band - If I Had Loved You
Roger Allan Hughes - The Cosmic Fool
Utopia - Lejos De Mi
AOH - The Answer Lies In Love
Kerry - Not So Long Ago

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