Wayne Davis: Vinyl LP
Wayne Davis

Wayne Davis: Vinyl LP

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Label: Strut Records
Release Date: 10th June

This record is absolute FIRE! Black Fire of course but not just that the intense and passionate funk, jazz and soul on this electrifying, I want to drink it all in. Wayne Davis leads with keys and vocals, a juggernaut of funk backed by the tightest band and gospel backing just to lift you higher. ESSENTIAL!

For those who dig: Sly and the Family Stone, peak-Stevie Wonder, Black Fire, Roberta Flack, Oneness of JuJu, Weldon Irvine, S.O.U.L.

  • First international reissue of Wayne Davis’ album from 1976  
  • Includes new sleeve notes and band interviews + original album artwork  
  • Tapes transferred by original album engineer Bob Dawson. Remastered by The Carvery  
  • Reissue is part of Strut’s ongoing work with the Black Fire catalogue 

Strut present the first ever reissue of an essential lost classic from the Black Fire catalogue, Wayne Davis’ powerful self-titled gospel-soul album from 1976.

An accomplished vocalist and keyboard player, Davis had studied in Washington D.C. and had worked with Roberta Flack and she subsequently secured him a recording deal with Atlantic Records; he released the 'A View From Another Place' album in 1973 and Roberta contributed electric piano to one of the tracks. Davis was the dropped from the label and his subsequent album was released by Jimmy Gray on Black Fire. Produced by Jimmy Watkins and Bias Studios manager, Bob Dawson, the album line-up featured the celebrated poet and flautist Wanda Robinson and the horn section from legendary D.C. go-go pioneers Experience Unlimited. Wayne later returned the favour, appearing as a vocalist on Experience Unlimited’s seminal 'Free Yourself' album.

This first international reissue of the album features new sleeve notes including band member interviews and original illustrated artwork by Muzi Branch. Audio was transferred from the original tapes by the album’s engineer, Bob Dawson, and was remastered by The Carvery.

A1. Strive on and Be Strong
A2. Morning
A3. Love Is
A4. The Garden (There Is A Garden, Far Away!)
B1. Look at the People!
B2. Dawn of a New Day
B3. Things Seem Just Right, Now!
B4. Intermezzo / Bahjia Habiba
B5. “… One Last Thing!”

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