We Are Urusei Yatsura: Clear Double Vinyl LP
Urusei Yatsura

We Are Urusei Yatsura: Clear Double Vinyl LP

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Label: Rocket Girl
Release Date: 3rd March

I feel a bit cheated that I was sold the Britpop 1996 and not the 1996 of Urusei Yatsura a Scottish band who knew the scene was a bit 'naff' and so moulded themselves in the image of the US underground alternative rock scene with space rock and the retro-futurism aesthetics Japanese manga. The result are a band that sound Pavement being a noise rock, shoegaze, space rock band... a sound that has aged finer than 95% of the British 'indie' scene of the mid-90s and ripe for re-evaluation with this ace reissue.

For those who dig: SFA, Pavement, Teenage Fanclub when they do a heavy song, Swell Maps, The Pastels...

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