Weekend In The City: Green Vinyl LP
Weekend In The City: Green Vinyl LP
Bloc Party

Weekend In The City: Green Vinyl LP

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Label: PIAS Recordings Catalogue
Release Date: 5th July

Bloc Party's killer follow-up to their defining UK indie insta-classic, Flux still absolutely rips.

Experience the raw emotion and dynamic energy of Bloc Party's second album, "A Weekend In The City," with its 2024 reissue on green vinyl. Kele Okereke's unparalleled lyrical prowess shines as the album juxtaposes ordinary events with profound themes, creating a captivating narrative. 
Layered guitars and vocals add depth, capturing the album's raw emotion and vibrant soundscape. From introspective moments to explosive anthems, each track leaves a lasting impression. This reissue is a must-have for fans, offering a fresh perspective on Bloc Party's contemplative masterpiece.

A1.  Song for Clay (Disappear Here)
A2. Hunting for Witches 
A3. Waiting for the 7.18
A4. The Prayer 
A5. Uniform 
A6. On
B1. Where is Home?
B2. Kreuzberg
B3. I still Remember 
B4. Flux
B5. Sunday 

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