Zambroni: Flamingo Pink Vinyl LP
Zambroni: Flamingo Pink Vinyl LP
Zambroni: Flamingo Pink Vinyl LP

Zambroni: Flamingo Pink Vinyl LP

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Label: Umpire Records
Release Date: 29th September

Their name may be taken from the world's dullest sport* but the Wickies are anything but a slog. They're a fuzzy sun-drenched indie alt-rock delight, they're power pop slacker punk for skateboard videos but maybe would be sweet to see them soundtrack some grainy black and white compilations of gnarly Leg Before Wickets.

*this is the unwavering opinion of the shopkeeper



Instrument-swapping London/Margate trio Wicketkeeper create a loose, breezy jangle-rock that’s been likened to Ultimate Painting and Teenage Fanclub. A laid back, fuzzy racket comprised of fizzing guitars interweaving with buoyant basslines and layered harmonised vocals.

They followed a split 12” with Car Seat Headrest with their debut album ‘Shonk’ in 2020. ‘Zambroni’ was self-recorded at home, rather than in a live-room, which enabled the band to play with dynamics and broader arrangements, layering multiple guitar and vocal tracks for the first time, resulting in a more melodic, considered and playful record.

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