A Trip To The Moon: Seaglass W/ Black Swirl Vinyl
Ghost Funk Orchestra

A Trip To The Moon: Seaglass W/ Black Swirl Vinyl

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Label: Karma Chief Records
Release Date: 23rd February

We cannot resist some sci-fi funk, it's a genre we've seen quite a lot of lately but don't think it's ever been done with such panache, such an epic sense of grandeur but still keeping that psychedelic soul feel that stops it from edging into pastiche. A big space race psychedelic funk and soul trip.

Coming off the heels of 2022's A New Kind of Love, A Trip To The Moon sees Ghost Funk Orchestra diving even deeper in the worlds of film music, exotica, and psychedelic surf rock. The aim is to create a layered and collaged listening experience with more elements than you could possibly pick out in a single listen.

The guitars are fuzzy and flooded with spring reverb, and the horns are arranged in a studio big band fashion. It's full of big compositions with garage rock attitude.

Influences range everywhere from Eddie Palmieri and Esquivel to The Lively Ones, Dusty Springfield, and War. The tracks are tied together by real recorded transmissions from the Apollo moon missions. The concept for the album is a story about a woman stranded on earth by her cosmonaut partner, left to ponder his whereabouts and whether or not he'll make it back from the cosmos alive.

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