A Walk Around the Sun: Vinyl LP
Erika Lewis

A Walk Around the Sun: Vinyl LP

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Label: Erika Lewis Music
Release Date: 29th April

A timeless country, an Americana with the sweeping green landscape in its sight, songwriting about love, joy and grief. A yearnsome lapsteel, a voice filled with heart and soul, lyrics where you hang on every word. It's records like this from Erika Lewis a student of American roots music that you come to realise that there are few more evocative and emotional genres than country.

For those who dig: Townes Van Zandt, Gram Parsons, Caitlin Cary, Esther Rose, Steph Green...

Known for her lengthy tenure touring and busking with beloved New Orleans jazz band Tuba Skinny, prolific songwriter and singer Erika Lewis has been churning out American originals all her own for the past several years
From classic country to cosmic Americana to dreamy indie folk, Lewis continues to dip her toes more deeply into an ever-expanding pool of roots music styles. Her new record 'A Walk Around the Sun' is a testament to Lewis' songwriting prowess and exceptional vocal ability. Produced by John James Tourville (The Deslondes), 'A Walk Around the Sun' features 11 all-original songs exploring the gray areas between love and loss, joy and grief, longing and contentment. Though her songwriting shines brightly, it's never at the cost of melody or arrangement; complete with sweeping strings, pedal steel, and even the occasional fuzz of a psych-rock guitar solo, Lewis' voice soars with emotion and texture throughout. Beautifully balanced, adroitly performed, and masterfully produced, 'A Walk Around the Sun' brings Lewis' solo work out from the wings to center stage, beneath a spotlight nearly impossible to ignore.

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