Alive 1997: Vinyl LP
Daft Punk

Alive 1997: Vinyl LP

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Label: Daft Life Ltd. 
Release Date: 6th May

1997! NINETEEN-NINETY-SEVEN, the same year as Snake landed on mobile phones yet these two French Robots landed in a Birmingham club like they'd come from the funkiest electronic disco planet sometime in the far distant future. 
This set takes in much of their mind-blowing debut and a bit extra, as you'd imagine the energy is off the chart and it's a delight to have this back on wax.

recorded in 1997 in birmingham during their first european tour, a few months after the release of “homework”, this first live testimony was released in 2001.

45 minutes of non-stop live mixing, featuring the band’s first standard tracks (da funk, rollin' & scratchin'…) along with those techno-electronic explosions unique to daft punk!

Alive 1997 (Part 1)
Alive 1997 (Part 2)

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