Animal: Deluxe Edition Vinyl LP
Animal: Deluxe Edition Vinyl LP
Animal: Deluxe Edition Vinyl LP
Animal: Deluxe Edition Vinyl LP

Animal: Deluxe Edition Vinyl LP

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Label: Chrysalis Records & Partisan Records
Release Date: 30th July

Mike Lindsay (Tunng) and Laura Marling's LUMP project is an exercise of spontaneity and allowing magic to grow naturally. Coming off the back of an album as precise and picked over as 'Song For Our Daughter' Laura allows herself lyrical freedom where the words are released freely and rhythmically over Mike's pastoral electronics.

For those who dig: Laura Marling and Tunng of course but also the previous LUMP record, which was a... dare I say the word? a Folktronica delight.


Deluxe Edition: heavyweight 180g black vinyl, housed in a gatefold jacket with a die cut slipcase, lyric poster and sticker pack.

“Animal” was recorded at the Lindsay’s home studio in Margate, Kent.

LUMP’s debut was released in the summer of 2018, unveiling a world that was tangibly different to their work apart, sonically “so vivid and sort of psychedelic,” Marling says, “and the lyrics so un-thought through”.

As with the first album, Marling would arrive in the studio without having heard any of Lindsay’s music, with the hope that it would bring the lyrics an immediacy and a spontaneity. Having become interested in psychoanalysis, she found she drew heavily on her psychoanalytic texts for this album’s lyrics. “I was taking the train down and I had prepped by putting a glossary of words in the back of my notebook,” she says. “Ordinary words that are used differently within psychoanalysis, like ‘object’ and ‘master’; I felt I needed something to base the lyrics off. I like the idea that psychoanalysis attempts to  investigate the routes of desire.

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