AOI: Bionix: Double Vinyl LP
De La Soul

AOI: Bionix: Double Vinyl LP

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Label: Chrysalis
Release Date: 4th August

De La Soul well into their space funk era, pure jams, pure bops and with Cee Lo Green and Slick Rick featuring a nod to the past, present and future of hip hop.

The first single, "Baby Phat" featuring Yummy Bingham and Devin the Dude, was
an ode to larger sized women Elsewhere, "Held Down", featuring Cee- Lo, found
Posdnuos in an introspective mood as he mused on fatherhood, religion, and fame.
Slick Rick also made an appearance on "What We Do (For Love)"; a humorous song
about puberty and sexual discovery.

The album featured skits with a character by the name of Reverend Do Good,
which worked as social commentary as well as the intros and outros of the
songs. The final Reverend Do Good skit acts as one final advertisement for Ghost
Weed as heard on De La Soul's previous album, Art Official Intelligence: Mosaic
Thump. A mischievous teenager takes a hit of the substance, then morphs into
Slum Village frontman J Dilla, who provides the intro and outro to the marijuana
themed song "Peer Pressure" (which he also produced).

  1. Intro
  2. Bionix
  3. Baby Phat
  4. Simply
  5. Simply Havin'
  6. Held Down
  7. Rev. Do Good # 1
  8. Watch Out
  9. Special
  10. Rev. Do Good # 2
  11. The Sauce
  12. Am I Worth You?
  13. Pawn Star
  14. What We Do (For Love)
  15. Rev. Do Good #3
  16. Peer Pressure
  17. It's American
  18. Trying People

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