Bananasugarfire: Vinyl LP
Golden Apples

Bananasugarfire: Vinyl LP

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Label: Lame-O-Records
Release Date: 17th November

What a lovely rush of Pre-Britpop indie groovers and shoegaze reverb and golden era late 80s/ early 90s American 120 Minutes alt rock this is. A beautifully addictive record that should be a future cult classic.

“In the corner of your vision, there’s a daydream on a mission” says Russell Edling in the beginning of “Park (Rye)”. Humming vibrations crescendo around the words floating inthe air and a listener may visualize a flower growing in fast motion, or a dog running backwards, lava flowing, children jumping rope in the evening sun. Suddenly these visions plumet and new frenetic images appear as drums, percussion, and full accompaniment burst into space. The band has arrived, a theme recurrent in Golden Apples’ new record, Bananasugarfire.

A listener might hear echoes of the Velvet Underground, Stereolab, Stone Roses, Yo La Tengo, but there is more going on than just a studied homage to indie rock’s progenitors. The themes of doubt and bewilderment found on previous albums are still present, but they are thrown into a kaleidoscope with beams of positivity, hope, and optimism.


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