Be Good The Crazy Boys: Leaf Green Vinyl LP
Art Feynman

Be Good The Crazy Boys: Leaf Green Vinyl LP

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Label: Western Vinyl
Release Date: 10th November

Delicious ear candy this one from Luke Temple; has that meticulous sophistipop light funk swag with an Arthur Russell underground disco vibration but also acts as a songwriter that cuts to the core. 

For those who dig: Arthur Russell, Talk Talk, Scritti Politti, Talking Heads, Japan, Aztec Camera...

Until now, Art Feynman the eccentric alter ego of accomplished producer Luke Temple has strictly been a solo act, a way for the artist to explore surprising sonic landscapes without the burdens of identity. Slightly twisted takes on Kosmische musik, worldbeat, and art pop can all be found scattered across the Art Feynman discography, but with his new album Be Good The Crazy Boys, Feynman fully immerses himself into pools of collective madness.

Unlike his first two albums, Crazy Boys was recorded live in the studio with a full band, a first for Feynman, capturing a spirit of restless anxiety that recalls the most frenetic work by Talking Heads, or Oingo Boingo at their darkest. Despite these callbacks, the collection remains firmly rooted in modern concerns, with songs about fearing the end of the world and struggling with FOMO narratives that would be relatable if they didn’t sound so completely unhinged.

With Be Good The Crazy Boys, Art Feynman proves to be more than just a character. He represents the part of the modern collective consciousness that’s struggling to maintain balance in a toxic, chaotic world. In less skilled hands, that concept could result in a very somber listen. Fortunately, when Art Feynman gets his hands on the chaos of the modern age, it simply makes you want to dance.

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