Be Here Now: Double Silver Vinyl LP
Be Here Now: Double Silver Vinyl LP

Be Here Now: Double Silver Vinyl LP

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Label: Big Brother Recordings Ltd
Release Date: 19th August

How does one follow-up what are likely the two most celebrated albums by a British band ever? With bombast, self-destruction and an undying belief in rock n roll conquering all. Time has proven there's plenty to love on 'Be Here Now', which remains a unique record in the history of British music.

2016 Remaster

This limited edition album format celebrates the silver anniversary of Oasis’ historic third album ‘Be Here Now’, originally released on 21st August 1997.

‘Be Here Now’ was produced by Owen Morris and Noel Gallagher and recorded at Abbey Road, Ridge Farm, Air, Master Rock and Orinoco Studios between November 1996 and April 1997. Originally mastered by Mike Marsh at The Exchange; the album was then remastered in 2016 by Ian Cooper at Metropolis Studios.

As well as ‘D’You Know What I Mean?’, the band’s 3rd No. 1 single, the album features the ambitious 9-minute ‘All Around The World’ plus evergreen classic ‘Stand By Me’. The epic elements of ‘Be Here Now’ are contrasted by the heartfelt introspection of ‘Don’t Go Away’ and the surreal psychedelia of ‘Magic Pie’.

‘Be Here Now’ stands as a unique album in the Oasis catalogue with its unrepentant excess and supersize swagger. 25 years on, it enjoys legendary status as the sound of a generation-defining band at their absolute peak.

1. D'You Know What I Mean? (Remastered)
2. My Big Mouth (Remastered)
3. Magic Pie (Remastered)

1. Stand By Me (Remastered)
2. I Hope, I Think, I Know (Remastered)
3. The Girl In The Dirty Shirt (Remastered)

1. Fade In-Out (Remastered)
2. Don't Go Away (Remastered)
3. Be Here Now (Remastered)

1. All Around The World (Remastered)
2. It's Gettin' Better (Man!!) (Remastered)
3. All Around The World (Reprise) (Remastered)

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