Because It's True: Vinyl LP

Because It's True: Vinyl LP

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Label: Meritorio Records
Release Date: 5th July

Laughing are a band searching for the perfect song and I'm a shopkeeper awaiting the search of said perfect song. Luckily, it seems my idea of perfection is pretty much in-line with Canada's greatest new power pop group. If you love Teenage Fanclub, The Byrds and early Nick Lowe you'll be Laughing.

Counting past and ongoing memberships in Nap Eyes, Monomyth, Human Music, and Fountain among their ranks, Laughing come to you with merit, talent, and a playful smirk. Their debut album Because It's True is an honest attempt at inviting you in on the cosmic joke. Heap your praise, adulation, scoff, or scorn upon them; they'll still be Laughing. What's so funny about peace, love, and understanding? Laughing are Montreal-based rock n' rollers who take cues from some of the greatest pop songwriters of the past five decades. Four unique voices from across the Canadian expanse. Cross-stitched material and temporary ego sublimation serve them well in their pursuit of the holy grail: a perfect song.

’s songs resonate with formative experiences from across the so-called Canadian territory— the coastal freewheeling sunshine of the West, the pragmatic self sufficient planes of Manitoba, the heart and head of the shield, and foggy notions from the icy drip of the Maritimes.

aren’t haggard or fried, nor are they cookie cut or engineered. This is a band in the easiest sense. 4 people with songs and the ability to lend brain power to each other’s ideas and see them through. Plain-clothed, unassuming, starry-eyed supernovas (to further confuse the metaphor).

On “Because It’s True”, Laughing are ready to face the big-bad-level-end-boss of their shadow selves, caution to the wind, tuning forks in hand.


A1. Easier Said
A2. Pebble
A3. Bruised
A4. Narcissist Blues
A5. Garden Path
B1. Will See Ever Be A Friend Of Mine
B2. You And I
B3. Don’t Care
B4. Glue
B5. Sour Note
B6. Secret

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