Beverly Copeland: Vinyl LP
Beverly Copeland: Vinyl LP
Beverly Copeland: Vinyl LP
Beverly Glenn-Copeland

Beverly Copeland: Vinyl LP

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Label: Transgressive Records
Release Date: 7th July

Long out of print, rare as hens teeth and a signal of the growth of Beverly's sound, it's a stripped jazz-folk sound yet still has that otherworldly spirit that would embody their later releases and trademark sound.

Long out of print debut recording from Beverly Glenn Copeland. A modern jazz-folk masterpiece originally recorded for CBC and released as a private promo only pressing, remastered and re-cut for this release by Guy Davie, featuring "Don't Despair" and "Durocher".

Don't Despair
Untitled (Make the Answer “Yes”)
Song from Beads
Nothing Beautiful
Good Morning Blues
Swords of Gold
Don't Despair (Jazz Version)

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