Bound For Hell: On The Sunset Strip: Limited Edition White Lines Double Vinyl LP
Various Artists

Bound For Hell: On The Sunset Strip: Limited Edition White Lines Double Vinyl LP

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Label: Numero
Release Date: 28th October

Hair metal, glam metal, cock rock... the big haired 80s LA bollocks, lead by bands who despite wearing Ru Paul quality makeup and immaculate blowdried bouffant haircuts were just tiresome misogynistic bores. Graduates of their parents basements to toxic relationships with women and an obsession with narcotics and big bourbon brands that hardly does either distributor a great PR job. Is it a scene worth celebrating? Planet Rock and the legion of tribute bands to these eternal men-kids would suggest - yes. BUUUUUUUUUUUT... there were some undeniable bangers there and as this is LTD ADD Recs and as this comp is out on Numero don't go expecting a Monsters of Rock (Sponsored by Busted Nuts Energy Drink) lineup with the usual bewigged male pattern baldness deniers, this ain't your sweaty uncle's hair metal comp. This is a deep-dive into the never-quite-did-its of that LA scene of the 80s, the now fully-shaved head car salesmen who were 'once supported by a little known band called Motley Crue'.

For those who dig: a bit of hard rock and glam rock fun, just don't look to much into the lyrics.

BTW this is priced as such as it's a pretty extensive package with a hardback 144 book with photos, ephemera and recounts of the music that make this compilation.

Heavy metal? Glam? Hard rock? Make your own fuckin’ call, you poser. We’re not gonna do it for you. Bound for Hell is early ‘80s L.A. rock as it actually was: a California cataclysm of drunk and horny headbangers, dressed in sharp, shiny, leather androgyny and fire, kicking crowds in the teeth to clear the way to that one big shot. This 2LP set delivers 21 tracks by 21 artists in an ephemera-stuffed gatefold, plus 144-page hardbound book detailing the Sunset Strip’s most razor-sharp heathens. Drumsticks burned. Hands were severed. Faces bled. Heavy was HELL for a half decade and it was a long, long way down.

A1. Going To The City - Stormer
A2. Cocaine - L.A. Rocks
A3. Bound For Hell - Max Havoc
A4. Rock ‘N’ Roll Ain’t Pretty - Jaded Lady
A5. Ready To Explode - Steeler
A6. No Time To Lose - Lizzy Borden
B1. On The Run - SIN
B2. Give Em The Old 1, 2, 3 - Black ‘N Blue
B3. Damnation Alley - Bitch
B4. Feeling To Rock - Romeo
B5. Savage Kind Of Girl - V.V.S.I.
C1. Up From The Depths - Hellion
C2. Blade Of Steel - Angeles
C3. Cold Reception - Knightmare II
C4. Cinderella (In Black Leather) - Witch
C5. Liquid Lady - Reddi Killowatt
D1. Lesson Well Learned - Armored Saint
D2. We Came To Kill - Leather Angel
D3. Take It Or Leave It - Rough Cutt
D4. Fool Of Lies - Lisa Baker
D5. Judgement Day - Odin

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