Can't Buy A Thrill: Vinyl LP
Can't Buy A Thrill: Vinyl LP
Steely Dan

Can't Buy A Thrill: Vinyl LP

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Label: UMC/Poyldor
Release Date: 4th November

Hmmmmm, shall I say it? I'm thinking it? Yeah, let's pop this out there - THE GREATEST DEBUT ALBUM OF ALL TIME. Phew, what a weight off my shoulders, now to defending the stance? Can't be bothered tbh. Just pop this on and it sounds like a band 5 albums deep, the playing on this is the bar that only they would reach, they didn't join a scene, they made a record that sat alone, others tried to get that feel but only the Gods that are Fagen & Becker have the key to this songwriting greatness. You've likely heard all the tunes on this whether that's on radio, with your parents or blasting outta Tony Soprana's car... They've been tested and tested and guess what? They don't wear out. Steely Dan make us incredibly happy.

Newly remastered and if you know The Dan, you'll know they won't be letting a reissue of their records get out unless they sound absolutely WORLD CLASS.

At long last: the classic Steely Dan MCA Records catalog is back on vinyl.
Led by Walter Becker and Donald Fagen, Steely Dan released seven albums from 1972 through 1980, an extraordinary run of topline musicianship, clever wordplay, genius arrangements and pop hits that outshone the top 40 of its day, or any day.
The Steely Dan vinyl reissue series will kick off with their debut LP, Can’t Buy A Thrill, now in its 40th anniversary year, which featured the band’s breakthrough hits, “Do It Again,” “Reelin’ in the Years” and the recently viral “Dirty Work.” Meticulously remastered by Bernie Grundman, these reissues were cut by Alex Abrash at his renowned AA Mastering studio and pressed at Precision.

Do It Again
Dirty Work
Midnite Cruiser
Only A Fool Would Say That
Reelin' In The Years
Fire In The Hole
Brooklyn (Owes The Charmer Under Me)
Change Of The Guard
Turn That Heartbeat Over Again

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