Cedar City Sweetheart: Clear w/ Yellow & Red Swirl Vinyl LP
Andrew Gabbard

Cedar City Sweetheart: Clear w/ Yellow & Red Swirl Vinyl LP

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Label: Karma Chief Records/Colemine Records
Release Date: 24th March

When you've been in rock bands, indie bands, power pop bands, folk rock bands, blues rock bands most of your musical life you're always going to find yourself looking over the fence at country rock and thinking 'that looks good fun'. It's a liberating phase, take a look at The Byrds whose foray into the genre was the influence for Gabbard who finally gets to do the 'rock band goes country' thing. It's no risk or big leap for Gabbard one of the most natural and charming songwriters in the game.

For those who dig: The Byrds, Teenage Fanclub's 'Songs from Northern Britain', Michael Nau, Dougie Poole...

Permanent member of The Black Keys touring band. Previous LPs on Karma Chief Records including 'Homemade' and 'The Gabbard Brothers'. Previous member of The Buffalo Killers & Thee Shams. Andrew Gabbard has announced the release of his sophomore effort as a solo artist, Cedar City Sweetheart. The songs evoke a familiar feel for fans of his debut album, but new instrumentation and country-leaning lyrics give us a glimpse of another side of Andrew. "I love when a rock band makes a country album," he explained, pointing to The Byrds as a major source of inspiration. Andrew played every instrument on his solo debut, Homemade. This time around, he called on some local musicians to add color. "Originally, I didn't have access to much recording equipment. I tracked my parts with an iPhone. My friends recorded their parts professionally, so I was able to piece it together and take another stab at recording the core of each song." The final product is a better sounding, polished group of songs that fit together to make a country album. The songs were written over the course of several years, but they're all very fresh in Andrew's mind. "I can remember a specific moment from writing each one of these tunes. They're simple songs that came naturally to me." Even though Andrew has written and contributed on countless albums over the years, this one truly feels like his second.

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