Changes Happen To Everyone, Everywhere: Vinyl LP
Chet Sounds

Changes Happen To Everyone, Everywhere: Vinyl LP

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Label: Third Eye Stimuli
Release Date: 24th November

Another record sounding like a long lost 70s private press classic, this one coming all the way from Australia and a producer who has made a record that has both an AOR soft yacht rock gloss whilst having a cosy and lo-fi homespun feel. It's that perfect mix of an artist who craft the finest country pop, rock and soul whilst enjoying the experimentation of doing it their way. 

For those who dig: The Band, Todd Rundgren, Donnie & Joe Emerson, Sylvie, John Andrews and the Yawns ...

The enigmatic Australian artist and producer, Chet Sounds returns with his sophomore album, Changes Happen To Everyone, Everywhere (out October 27th via Third Eye Stimuli). After his contributions to Sydney’s adored psych-folk outfit The Uplifting Bell End on their albums, Super Giant III and IV, Chet Tucker launched his solo project as Chet Sounds in 2021 with the release of his self-titled debut album, which received international praise from New Commute (USA) and Shindig Magazine (UK). Continuing on his sonic journey, Chet’s sophomore album sees the humble artist honing his craft with some of his most melodic compositions, heartfelt storytelling and tasteful production yet. Harking back to 70’s classic rock, folk and psychedelia, Chet takes us through bygone eras and musical flavours conjured in the same universe as modern DIY artists such as Tex Crick, Traffik Island and Frank Maston. Living between his family home in Kurnell, NSW (just south of Sydney) and with stints out in the Northern Territory where Chet works at an Indigenous Art Centre, the two lifestyles and surroundings are stark contrasts and evoke Chet Sounds’ musical ideas and lyrical subjects. As heard on his debut album, Chet’s songs are often themed around the coming-of-age and facing up to various struggles of life; this rings true again on his sophomore album, as Chet explains; “the compositions express changes happening on a personal level both physical and mental. It also encompasses social and environmental change and how it affects an individual, getting through one day to the next.” Chet Sounds’ second album, Changes Happen To Everyone, Everywhere was recorded during 2021 in a shipping container on his family’s property. Similar to modern composers/producers such as Frank Maston, Chet wrote, performed, recorded and mixed everything on the record, aside from two tracks where his friend, Amber Newel plays violin. The 12 track record continues some of the musical styles heard on his 2021 debut album but features a wider array of instrumentation and more complex arrangements, giving this album a 70s orchestral rock sound. Chet says; “I deliberately tried to create an album that featured a stronger sonic cohesion than my previous as well as improving the quality of production and composition.” Blending vintage coloured recording equipment with intricate melodies, genius arrangements and technical brilliance, Chet Sounds’ forthcoming new album Changes Happen To Everyone, Everywhere will win the hearts of any listeners who celebrate the outsiders and underground geniuses in today’s rock music. With throwbacks to some of America’s best rock bands such as The Band, James Taylor, Todd Rundgren, David Axelrod and a slew of others that may come to mind, Chet’s new record merges nostalgia with imagination and takes his listeners on a complete journey that is sure to warm your soul. 

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