Chimera: Opaque Yellow Vinyl LP

Chimera: Opaque Yellow Vinyl LP

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Label: 3 Palm Records
Release Date: 9th February

Deep, hazy and swamp Afro-Funk-Psych-Rock-Soul-Fire from a multi-headed funk beast.

For those who dig: Menahan Street Band, El Michels Affair, The Budos Band, Ikebe Shakedown, Karl Hector and the Malcouns...

Orgōne is back in California and coming in hot with Chimera, a fire-breathing
spectacle of psychedelic Afro-soul. Produced by Sergio Rios (Neal Francis, Say
She She), Chimera is an electrifying, dream-like odyssey, tripping through the
hazy swamps of New Orleans, weaving textures of entrancing voodoo soul,
thrumming Afro-funk, and stoney psych-rock.

In Chimera, the heavy-hitting new LP from Orgōne, out February 9th, 2024 on 3
Palm Records, the Los Angeles-based outfit carves tough, gritty, infectious
grooves into heady dance rhythms. Taking its name from a mythical beast with the
head of a lion, the body of a goat, and the tail of a serpent, Chimera conjures a
state that is at once trance-like and heart-poundingly exciting.

The album opens like a heady puff of smoke in the face with “Hallowed Dreams,”
drawing the listener into a state where reality blurs and the music takes control.
The focus track, “Zum Zum,” is a hooky Afro-funk dance floor heater that
synchronizes your heart rate to its propulsive percussion, the hypnotic rhythm
building into a raucous, psychedelic climax. On the raw and rousing “Tula Muisi
(Dance Like Them),” a tapestry of Afrobeat and heavy psych-rock bolsters the
singer calls for unity and respect, which translates to “Hear the music, and dance
like them.”

Known for their gripping instrumentals and incendiary live show, the band is firing
on all cylinders and the earned confidence of this time-tested, cult-favorite crew is
on display throughout Chimera.

From its inception, Orgōne has always been a chimera — a multifaceted creation
and the physical manifestation of impossible quixotic dreams. Chimera will delight
fans of early Orgōne while showcasing the band’s effortless and endless ability to
shape-shift. It’s an electrifying, mesmerizing record sure to exceed expectations
and keep the listener rapt.

1. Hallowed Dreams
2. Lies and Games
3. Basilisk
4. Peace For You
5. Parasols
6. Zum Zum
7. Running Low
8. The Husk
9. Tula Muisi (Dance Like Them)


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