Cinnamon Sea: Vinyl LP
The Garbage & The Flowers

Cinnamon Sea: Vinyl LP

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Label: Fire Records
Release Date: 13th May

I can't work out what makes the lead single (links down there btw) so perfect, I could search deep trying to work it out, it's certainly rough around the edges but it reminds of something from Big Star's 'Third' (a perfect record in this house) or a C86 band or the Velvet Underground and early EP era MBV. I think what makes this New Zealand band so instantly endearing to us is that you feel like you've just found a tape in a garage and you're listening to people make pop music for themselves and most of the time that's how music should be.

For those who dig: The Velvets, Big Star's Third/Sister Lovers, Mazzy Star, Antipodean indie...


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