Circus Underwater: Double Vinyl LP
Circus Underwater

Circus Underwater: Double Vinyl LP

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Label: Soundway Records
Release Date: 15th September

What a trip this record is? It's like being in a floatation device with prog, psychedelic rock, folk, dub and spacey synths with a warped new age feel keeping you afloat - a record like few we've ever had in before. Reissue of the year stuff. 

Soundway presents Circus Underwaters 1984 self-titled masterpiece
Remastered and extended to a double LP, this deluxe version includes six
unreleased tracks unearthed from the original 1/4" tapes, and presented
with an insert, including never-before- seen photos and the fascinating
story behind the music.

Featuring artwork from Grateful Dead collaborator, David Lundquist, the album
encapsulates a unique moment in time. Echoing the story of a generation that
grew up in the 50s and 60s where music was everything, two friends embark on a
journey of experimentation which begins in the beatnik suburbs of Washington
DC and travels to the heart of hippie San Francisco. The result is an opus that
fearlessly blurs the boundaries of genres and embraces diverse influences.
Elements of prog, rock, ambient and wave music culminate in an odyssey that
seamlessly bridges the gap between the spaced- out creativity of the 70s and
electronic music of today.

Original artwork by David Lundquist. Mastering and lacquer cuts by Frank Merritt,
The Carvery Studio, London. Artwork restoration by Javi Bayo.

1. Big Buck Meets The Perpendicular Fish
2. Trees Walk
3. The Surface Of The Water
4. Rugaru By Itself
5. I Wash My Hair With Limes
6. She Dreams Of Golden Gloves Dancing
7. Entrance Of The Deacon
8. Weeping Of Electric Sheep
9. First Hump Of Stately Plump
10. Thunder Daughters Underwater
11. Requiem For The Glass Trapeze
12. Muddy Ghosts Running From Rain
13. Behind The Altar There Is A Carousel

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