Classroom: Vinyl LP

Classroom: Vinyl LP

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Label: Finders Keepers
Release Date: 22nd September

Wild Belgian art jazz record this, it's got some swinging jams, an air of darkness and that Euro folk pop leftfield sophistication that makes them sound proto-Stereolab. A lot of fun.

Emerging from behind the same clouds that kept formative Belgian progressive jazz records like Brussels Art Quintet and Kiosk’s ‘Mona Call’ in tangible obscurity, these impossibly rare early Euro jazz recordings shed a new ray of light on the intricate foundations of the scene that elevated COS, Marc Moulin, Placebo, Marc Hollander and Telex to Zen Master status, while also capturing one of Europe’s best female vocal artists in the midst of her wide eyed and uninhibited prime.

Never before released on vinyl, these tracks provide us with a sonic chalkboard of Daniel Schell’s ambitious musical equations, recalculated by precocious polymaths, then conveyed via Pascale Son’s inquisitive child-like vocal explorations.

Available for the first time ever on vinyl. This black vinyl edition comes housed in a metallic gold pantone sleeve.

Sur deux
L’admirable amas cellulaire oran
La partie d’echecs
Achille Fanfan la Tulipe

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