CrazyMad, For Me: Transparent Dark Blue + Cream Vinyl LP

CrazyMad, For Me: Transparent Dark Blue + Cream Vinyl LP

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Label: CMATBABY Ltd. 
Release Date: 13th October

CMAT's already at that country star turns perfect pop star who still keeps that tang, heartbreak and drama from her country days. Big ol' duet with John Grant on this, which is pretty special.

Upcoming second album CrazyMad, For Me takes popstar CMAT through a reinvention of what came before: this is the grand statement of an ambitious mature sound, a textured sonic feel and details of a complex emotional and metaphorical landscape. “It’s an abstract break-up album… about what happens when you are still angry about something that happened 10 years ago.” It’s grand, full of hooks and picture-painting lyrics projected by her singular vocals. It’s the mainstream indie that CMAT loved as a teenager, filtered through 20th century country music, amplified by knowledge of 80s and 90s pop hits with a slide guitar and a camp twist. Complex, intimate and with influences far-flung across time and place, CrazyMad, For Me is an instant classic album for the broadest audience.

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