Cryptozoo: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: Vinyl LP
John Carroll Kirby

Cryptozoo: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: Vinyl LP

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Label: Stones Throw
Release Date: 28th January

Have you seen the trailer to this film John Carroll Kirby here is soundtracking? Looks insane, batpoop mindmelting, an absolute blast of animated colour, like La Planète Sauvage with modern ideals but all in this rich fantasy world. The soundtrack is an electronic jazz dreamscape with elements of synth lead krautrock and some new age. 

For those who dig: John Carroll Kirby who can do NO WRONG atm, Tangerine Dream, Laraaji...

John Carroll Kirby brings his talents as a composer and producer to film scoring. His vivid imagination, dreamy compositions, and knack for storytelling with instrumental music make for a perfect match with comic book writer, artist and filmmaker Dash Shaw’s vibrant, fantastical animated feature. 

Kirby’s score is at once deeply evocative and mysterious, evoking nostalgia, wide-eyed innocence, and ethereal otherworldliness. As with all of Kirby’s music, the score resists easy genre classification, melding together sounds from New Age, exotica, library music, and the sweeter side of electronic music.


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