Eddy: Vinyl LP
Charlie Reed

Eddy: Vinyl LP

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Label: Earth Libraries
Release Date: 2nd September

This record is a real hand round the shoulder, it's a buddy passing you a fresh cup of coffee, it's a real pull a buddy up record, the melancholy is still there but there's a warmth that someone is looking after you. It's just what Luke Trimble experienced when his flat was burgled and all his equipment along with his demos got stolen and he needed a hand to pull him up and start again. The resulting aftermath is a country rock AM radio record that has an instantly familiar comforting mellow.

For those who dig: John Andrews & The Yawns, Sylvie, Cut Worms, Good Looks, Dark Tea, Cactus Lee, Whitney...

A corrupted file, a misplaced folder, dog-eaten homework--there's nothing quite as excruciating as something you've put your mind and heart into suddenly being gone - Luke Trimble understands that pain, having walked through his front door one afternoon to find his house burglarized and all of his music gear taken--not to mention the demo tapes for his band Charlie Reed
But rather than wallow, Trimble decided to look at the positive: After years of self- sufficient music- making, he was forced to ask for help and work more collaboratively. "The physical reality of losing my stuff became this emotional metaphor for starting over in every way," he says. The resulting album, Eddy (due in Summer 2022 via Earth Libraries), finds Charlie Reed reaching new golden heights. Lead single "Don't Drop Me" shows this sublime equation perfectly, sprays of wordless vocals harmonizing underneath plunking bass and a vintage AM radio guitar warmth.

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