Farm: 15 Year Anniversary Edition Deluxe Edition Lime Green Double Vinyl LP
Farm: 15 Year Anniversary Edition Deluxe Edition Lime Green Double Vinyl LP
Dinosaur Jr.

Farm: 15 Year Anniversary Edition Deluxe Edition Lime Green Double Vinyl LP

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Label: Jagjaguwar
Release Date: 16th August

Ok, this isn't a commonly held opinion (unless it is, I haven't done my research on this) but Dinosaur Jr.'s second run has produced the stronger records. Their 2007 reformation debut went 'BEYOND' expectations (you like that?) but it's on their quickfire 2009 follow-up where they produced an alt-rock classic that went heavy, had super stick hooks, ballads, delicious guitar solos you wouldn't wanna quit and Mascis honeyed reedy voice sounding as lovely as enticing as ever. This 15 year anniversary deluxe edition features that same banger of an album and four bonus tracks. 

When Dinosaur Jr. reunited, more than 20 years after their formation and legendary dissolution, the worry was that these guys were just flogging the back catalog, taking the old show on the road as a marketing gimmick. But the 2007 release of Beyond gave a hearty Marshall-driven "F**K YOU!" answer to those inquiring ears. Restoring the sound established by the unassailable hat-trick gambit of their first three albums -- Dinosaur, You're Living All Over Me, and Bug -- Beyond continued the band's march into rock greatness by making old ears smile and new ears bleed afresh. 

And then came Farm, the 9th full length record by the original line-up: J Mascis, Lou Barlow, and Murph. If Beyond was Dinosaur Jr.'s return to form, Farm is proof that Dinosaur Jr. could (and still do, to this day!) deliver timeless, exhilarating rock music. Farm encompasses Dinosaur Jr.'s signature palette: soaring and distorted guitar, unshakable hooks, honey-rich melodies. At times wholly 70's guitar-epic, at times perfect for sitting by a babbling brook with Joni and Neil, these songs get into your head and stay there, bouncing happily around. The ear-catching "Plans" is nearly seven minutes of classic whipped-topping rock dessert, while "I Don't Wanna Go There" is a meat-and-potatoes main dish, mixing unapologetic lead guitar with straight-ahead delivery a la James Gang or Humble Pie.  

This expanded deluxe edition of Farm features four songs never pressed to vinyl and never given worldwide release:“Houses”, “Whenever You’re Ready” (The Zombies Cover), “Creepies” (Instrumental), and “Show”. “Whenever You’re Ready”, a cover of classic pop-rockers The Zombies, is impossibly good for a hidden gem; Murph stomps in with a sledgehammer to the kit, J and Lou layer low-end and fuzz like two halves of one brain, and right when things feel biggest, airy and colossal, there’s J with a lightning bolt of a guitar solo. Pure electricity and melody like only he can make. Recorded in J Mascis' Bisquiteen studio in Amherst, Massachusetts, Farm was produced by Mascis himself, and delivers the singular, unique energy of one of America's greatest living rock bands. 

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