Feel: Vinyl LP
George Duke

Feel: Vinyl LP

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Label: MPS
Release Date: 11th March

Serious space prog jazz funk vibrations from the genre's most frequent flyer. On this spaceship he's joined by his mate Frank Zappa who offers some shreds like only he can. 

For those who dig: future soul jazz fusion and Thundercat.

Reissue of George Duke's classic 1975 jazz-funk-fusion album 'Feel'
This album with the strange psychedelic sci-fi cover draws a tighter circle around Duke's fusion language. The keyboard master ventures deep into his synthesizer laboratory. Their textures become a more essential component of his pieces, attaining orchestral dimensions, as evidenced in the opener, Funny Funk, with its smacking, squishing tongue-in-cheek dialogue between the synths. A virtuoso layering of the keyboards is also central to Cora Joberge, and on Rashid, Duke's electronic orchestra explodes over the stormy drums of Leon "Ndugu" Chancler.
Duke shows himself to be a singer with a soulful sound. Shortly before this recording he had shelved his trombone so that he could communicate more directly with the audience, as can be heard in the hymnal, dreamlike title piece. The guest list of players make for an especially exciting concoction. No less than Duke's playing companion Frank Zappa, under the cryptic pseudonym Obdewl'l X, performs some adventuresome guitar passages on Love and Old Slippers. On the California- sunshine pop samba, Yana Aminah, we have a surprise visit by Brazilian Flora Purim, wife of percussionist Airto Moreira, who opens up his bag of tricks on The Once Over, and plays on three more tracks.

Funny Funk
The Once Over
Cora Jobege
Old Slippers
Theme From The Opera Tzina
Yana Aminah

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