Fool's Parade: Natural Orange Vinyl LP
Color Green

Fool's Parade: Natural Orange Vinyl LP

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Label: New West Records
Release Date: 12th July

Color Green are a proper unit, a sum-of-their-parts band that make that timeless boogie, that heavy country thunder, breezy yearnful rock n roll soul and psychedelia. 

For those who dig: White Denim, Rose City Band, Drugdealer, The Pink Stones...

The color green can represent many things - It can symbolize money, of course, but also weed - And envy - It implies newness, the rebirth of spring, but it can also evoke illness and infection - It's an apt name for a band that is defined by its adaptability, by its knack for doing many different things all at once - On the Color Green's second full-length-- their first as a quartet--they ground their cosmic jams in earthy melodies, drawing from '60s SoCal folk-r0ck, '70s classic rock, '80s underground rock, '90s psychedelic dance-rock, and many other sources

In the two years the band has been touring, it has already shared stages with a range of groups that reflect both the sophistication and the wild malleability of their sound, including Fuzz, Kikagaku Moyo, Circles Around the Sun, and Young Guv. "When we play live, I don't really know what's going to happen," says guitarist Noah Kohll. "You really have no idea what you're going to get with this band, which keeps things fresh for us and maybe makes the live experience special."

Adds drummer Corey Rose, "One thing about this band that I really appreciate is that we can camouflage into any environment or any show. We can play with Hiss Golden Messenger and lean into that funky country vibe, or we can play with the Brian Jonestown Massacre and get evil. We all love a variety of music, so let's not put ourselves in a box."

That wild, mercurial quality is reflected on Fool's Parade, a meditation on loss, grief, confusion, frustration, and the clarity to which they all lead. Their songs are vehicles for self-explorations, not just a means of putting their feelings into lyrics and notes but molding them, night after night, into different shapes to get different insights.

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