Forgiveness Is Yours: Clear Vinyl LP
Forgiveness Is Yours: Clear Vinyl LP
Forgiveness Is Yours: Clear Vinyl LP
Fat White Family

Forgiveness Is Yours: Clear Vinyl LP

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Label: Domino 
Release Date: 26th April

It's not a thing every band or artist can pull off but I want a bit of danger in my music, I like the idea that books will be written about their legend, I want a band that throw it all into their art yet could just throw it all away at the drop of a hat and that's why Fat White Family are so exciting. Doesn't hurt that each album is better than the last, that their sound is getting richer, more diverse, there's a groove to their music where the danceability enhances the quality of songwriting that's always been there. Being Fat White Family isn't for everyone.

Fat White Family are back with the most sophisticated, vital and flamboyant creation of their career.

The cult south-London band’s resplendent fourth album Forgiveness Is Yours, like everything they’ve done, has pushed them to the limits not only of their creative talent, but of their health, their sanity, their very existence.

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