Good Living Is Coming For You: Ocean Blue Vinyl LP
Sweeping Promises

Good Living Is Coming For You: Ocean Blue Vinyl LP

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Label: Sub Pop Records
Release Date: 30th June

Don't you just want to keep a band like Sweeping Promises (we call them 'The Sweepies', I mean just me, I do, alone, to myself) to yourself, you discover them at a wee garage band show, an art gallery with a fridge in the corner acting as a bar, it's that jagged, lo-fi, indie, that post-punk, that art-pop, that DIY, that 'my mates band, who are actually good' feeling. Nice to see 'em on Sub Pop wooing on that global stage. 

For those who dig: Wombo, Omni, Snooper, Automatic, B-52s, Le Tigre...

On Friday, June 30th, Sweeping Promises will release their second, latest and greatest album, Good Living Is Coming For You, on Feel It Records in North America and Sub Pop for the rest of the world. Today, the band is also sharing the colossal lead single and the album’s opening track “Eraser.” 

Sweeping Promises’ members Lira Mondal and Caufield Schnug say “Eraser” is “a malevolent creep – an overly ambitious, shadowy force who bears an uncanny resemblance to you. She watches your every move, mirrors your motions, and ultimately uses your voice against you without you ever noticing what she's done. She’s unchecked ambition, a paranoid girl Friday, an overriding impulse to reflect rather than project. She must be stopped at all costs.”

Good Living Is Coming For You was recorded and produced by Mondal and Schnug in their home studio in Lawrence, KS, and follows their 2020 debut, Hunger for a Way Out, and their insistent 2021 single, “Pain Without a Touch.” Coverage for both quickly followed from the likes of Stereogum (Band to Watch), Pitchfork (Selects), and NPR Music, who raved, “Sometimes the best pop songs stick to the basics: no muss, no fuss. With the Sweeping Promises, they add some fuzz. The same way the Pixies wrote pop songs with a nasty sheen, this Boston post-punk band dirties up earworm melodies with a lo-fi charm. You can play spot the influence all over this debut: Young Marble Giants here, Kleenex/LiLiPUT there, some B-52s and Blondie for good measure. Lira Mondal has a voice that leaps and bounds with the enthusiasm of a bedroom performance, hairbrush in hand. But mostly, you can hear a band dream out loud…”

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