Hermeto: Vinyl LP
Hermeto Pascoal

Hermeto: Vinyl LP

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Label: Far Out Recordings
Release Date: 29th July

This record hits you with a bossanova Brazilian jazz fusion explosion upon entry, it's like you're launched into some psychedelic chat show and you're the host climbing down some cosmic chairs to meet your guest, what a ride. That's not all, mind for Hermeto Pascoal is/was a master composer and takes you through blissful orchestration and haunting yet alluring compositions. A theatrical, funky but also lush and luxurious listen. 

For those who dig: 1970s Brazilian jazz, bossanova, samba and soul. Arthur Verocai, Gal Costa...

Far Out Recordings proudly presents Hermeto Pascoal's remarkable
self-titled debut album - Recorded in 1970 at A&R studios in New York, the
album features certifed North American titans including Ron Carter,
Hubert Laws, Joe Farrel and Googie Coppola, and Brazilian stars Airto
Moreira and Flora Purim (who also produced the album).

While it was Hermeto's frst album released under his own name, he had spent the
decade or so prior making a name for himself in Brazil and internationally as a
composer, arranger and instrumentalist with groups including Sambrassa Trio,
Quarteto Novo and Brazilian Octopus, before going on to work with (amongst
countless others) Edu Lobo, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Donald Byrd, Airto Moreira
and Miles Davis, who allegedly called Hermeto "one of the most important
musicians on the planet".

With Hermeto's otherworldly orchestral arrangements, ghostly vocal
performances from Flora Purim and Googie Coppola, and the inimitable
drumming and percussion stylings of Airto Moreira, Hermeto easily rivals some of
the oft- celebrated MPB albums of the early 1970s, sitting somewhere between
the string-heavy magic of Arthur Verocai's 1972 debut and the unplacable early
experimentalism of Pedro Santos' 1968 album Krishnanda.

With his phenomenal natural musical genius and a ceaseless sense of creative
freedom, Hermeto is widely known for using unconventional objects to make
music. In the album's sleeve notes, Airto highlights the track "Velório (Mourning)"
explaining how Heremto filled 36 apple juice bottles with different amounts of
water and tuned them to precise pitches in order to create the beguiling
harmonies heard.

The reissue of Hermeto Pascoal's Hermeto, follow's Far Out's recent unveiling of
a previously unheard Hermeto Pascoal live concert Planetario da Gavea from
1981, and 2017's release of Hermeto Pascoal's lost 1976 studio album: Viajando
Com O Som.

1. Coalhada (Yogurt)
2. Hermeto
3. Guizos (Bells)
4. Flor Do Amor
5. Alicate (Pliers)
6. Velório (Mourning)
7. As Marianas (The Marianas)
8. Fabiola

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