Hovvdy: Double Vinyl LP

Hovvdy: Double Vinyl LP

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Label: Arts & Craft 
Release Date: 17th May

Hovvdy present a double album road trip straight to the centre of your heart with a stop off at Feels City. Indie pop, with a little country folk soul, that bedroom pop lofi nostalgia... just the right stuff that'll see you getting plenty of turntable rotation from us.

A self-titled statement piece, Hovvdy’s fifth album fits with the comfortable confidence of faded blue jeans. Underlining years of hyper-reflective, deeply-fan-beloved songwriting, the 19-track sequence draws together swirling piano lines and vivid production under the cohesive vision of longtime friends Charlie Martin and Will Taylor. Hovvdy boldly broadens the scope of the Texas duo’s songwriting in a new partnership with Toronto-based outlet Arts & Crafts. The expansive double album presents a true co-production between Hovvdy and their frequent collaborators, Andrew Sarlo (Bon Iver, Big Thief) and Bennett Littlejohn (bassist, multi-instrumentalist). An unprecedented focus on live takes further peels the band’s early slowcore layers to show dazzling dynamic range, from the country feel of “Portrait” to the bombastic drums of “Meant.” Never staying still too long, Hovvdy easily folds introspection into their big, fearless choruses. Always guided with a gentle hand, the listener lands right there in the room, to witness the spontaneous synchronicity of Charlie and Will’s shared songcraft.


  1. Intro
  2. Bubba
  3. Jean
  4. Big Blue
  5. Shell
  6. Forever Piano
  7. Forever
  8. Heartstring
  9. Clean
  10. Make Ya Proud
  11. Til I Let You Know
  12. Meant
  13. Song For Pete
  14. Every Exchange
  15. Give It Up
  16. Portrait
  17. Angel
  18. Bad News
  19. A Little

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