How Is It That I Should Look At The Stars: Coloured Vinyl LP
The Weather Station

How Is It That I Should Look At The Stars: Coloured Vinyl LP

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Label: Fat Possum
Release Date: 11th March

Tamara Lindeman clearly had a productive lockdown, using the momentum from their breakout album 'Ignorance' to make this companion album, A collection of piano ballads of jazz improvisations, live recordings and performance, which offer moments of reflections, space for lyrics to hang in the air and to be enjoyed like many of Tamara's quotable one-liners. 
Sounding like another incredible document of an artist who just keeps growing with every release.

For those who dig: I've got to put Joni Mitchell in here and on this it's Joni at her most tender, Julie Byrne, Laura Marling... You heard that last Weather Station record too, right? You'll love this album.

Album The Weather Station made during Covid lockdown of 2020. These songs are quieter, more subdued, than TWS' breakout success "Ignorance". This is a ballads album.

How Is It That I Should Look At The Stars is an introspective record of songs which were written alongside those that appeared on Ignorance. It is intended not to be a follow up, but to be a companion piece, a piece of reflection and quiet, meant to hold stillness in the aftermath. It was recorded live, as a performance; an improvisation, with a group of Toronto jazz musicians. I imagined it as a record of ballads; simple, pure, almost naive, but speaking to many of the same realities as Ignorance does. I see the two albums as two halves of the same coin; the moon and sun, a photograph and a photonegative.

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