How Long This Time? Live 1970: Double Vinyl LP
How Long This Time? Live 1970: Double Vinyl LP
The Keith Tippett Group

How Long This Time? Live 1970: Double Vinyl LP

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Label: British Progressive Jazz
Release Date: 13th January

This album, this live record and this group are out of their tree! 1970 and this band are playing the heaviest jazz fusion we've heard from any era, the saxophone is screaming, the drummers are slamming, slapping, pounding and the keys are dancing like an octopus breakdancing. It's a mad mad mad record - we LOVE IT.

For those who dig: Jazz prog and Jazz fusion but also Soft Machine, Ian Carr's Nucleus, Frank Zappa, National Health, Mahavishnu Orchestra...


Featuring the classic KTG frontline of Marc Charig, Nick Evans and Elton Dean with rhythm section appearances by British jazz luminaries Jeff Clyne, Trevor Tomkins, Roy Babbington and Bryan Spring.

These six previously unreleased live studio tracks were recorded for broadcast purposes in January and August of 1970, between the group’s two now seminal British jazz/rock releases for the Polydor and Vertigo labels respectively, 1969’s ‘You Are Here... I Am There’ and 1971’s ‘Dedicated to You but You Weren't Listening’.

Three of the compositions presented here (Thoughts To Geoff, Five After Dawn, Green & Orange Night Park) would be recorded again for ‘Dedicated To You…’ The remaining two numbers have never been issued in any form, and show the group in a fascinating developmental period between albums. ‘Thoughts To Geoff’ from the January 1970 session in particular is significantly different to its later album counterpart. It’s an amazing achievement that such harmonically and emotionally mature, rich and progressive pieces were conceived by someone so young and relatively new to the scene. The second session contained in this release was allegedly recorded on Keith’s 23rd birthday.

Tracks 1-3 represent the only known recordings of the band with drummer Trevor Tomkins, who had been a long-standing member of the Don Rendell Ian Carr Quintet until their breakup only months before the January 1970 KTG session.

The original audio sources for this release were unfortunately in poor shape and required significant restoration to bring them up to a listenable standard. We hope though that the results justify the efforts and that whilst they will never be perfect, these previously lost historic performances can now be properly appreciated, and provide a new insight into the group during a year when they were otherwise frustratingly under-recorded.

released March 25, 2022

Tracks 1 - 3:
Keith Tippett - piano
Marc Charig - cornet
Nick Evans - trombone
Elton Dean - alto sax, saxello
Jeff Clyne - double bass, electric bass
Trevor Tomkins - drums

Tracks 4 - 6:
Keith Tippett - piano
Mark Charig - cornet
Nick Evans - trombone
Elton Dean - alto sax, saxello
Roy Babbington - bass
Bryan Spring - drums

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